child and adolescent fellowship

  1. mcatqueen

    Position Wanted Child psych (CAP) fellowship spot wanted!

    Hi all, as the title states, I am looking for an unfilled spot in child psych (CAP) fellowship. I know there have to be unfilled spots, but I am having difficulty finding them. Please reply or PM me with any leads. Thank you so much in advance!
  2. D

    CAP cycle 2023-2024

    Hi everyone! I am in the process of pulling together my ERAS application for CAP fellowship and I'm noticing so many programs are unregistered/not participating in the match. Mayo, Yale, Cleveland Clinic, UNC. Is CAP just very popular this year and all these programs have internal fills or...
  3. P

    Child adolescent programs

    Hello current treading through the 2020 interview season. Was wondering what’s everyone opinion on best programs in terms of Didactics, clinical experience, research. I know it’s dependent on what the applicant is exactly looking for but I’m just curious on everyone’s outlook. Thanks !
  4. M

    Position Available Child and Adolescent Psychaitry - Available 1st Year Fellow Position: Samaritan Health Services - Corvallis, Oregon

    Interested in a child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship? Looking to explore the beauty and lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest? If so, we have an opening available for a first-year fellow in our Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship starting July 2020. Applicants who have completed...
  5. md2be89

    Best child psychiatry fellowship with a therapy focus

    Hello all, I'm applying to child fellowship this cycle. My dream for my future is to have a large private psychiatry practice with integrative medicine and therapy, with an emphasis on family therapy. In an ideal world I'd stay in the midwest. I know Vermont is known to be excellent for family...
  6. N

    Child psych "track" question

    Was talking to a friend who is interviewing for psych this year and the topic of child psych fellowship came up. He said that he was interviewing at a program and the residents at the interview dinner said that in order to do the 3 (adult) + 2 (child) fellowship, residents had to enter what the...