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    Hi guys, I’ve been accepted at KYCOM and WCU COM and only have a couple days to make a decision. I’m hoping to hear from students at either place who can be honest about the pros and cons based on their experience (especially recently since most threads I’ve read about these schools are pretty...
  2. P

    PCOM vs OUWB

    PCOM Pros Location - Philly is amazing and its 30 min drive from my family, which is a really big support system for me I'm really interested in primary care, so I don't care much about extra competitive specialties (derm, plastics, etc) Strong community Reputation - very good reputation...
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    Mayo (MN) v Northwestern

    Hey y'all please help me decide!! Mayo Pros: -#1 hospital in the country -Great for speciality residencies (I’m thinking surgery) -Culture is great, very focused on developing holistic well rounded physicians -basically 1 on 1 student to faculty attention Cons: -Location (I’m a city...
  4. C

    Stuck between two colleges

    I have a 3.85 GPA from Arizona State University, but it’s an online degree - I live in Georgia. Originally wanted to be a PA, but decided to go the MD route or I’d forever regret it. Now I’m deciding between which college to go to. Here are my choices: University of Georgia PROS: highly...
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    Should my friend go to UC Davis for undergrad since they are the best vet school?

    Out of the schools they got accepted to, they are stuck between Washington State University, University of Tennessee - Knoxville, and UC Davis They have in-state tuition for WSU and UT, but not for UC Davis. They have very little money, and because of the FAFSA being for 2016, they won't get...
  6. O Cabra

    Help Choosing Dental School To Apply!

    I've begun researching schools that I would like to attend, but I feel like I can only tell so much from the schools' websites. I won't be applying until next cycle, but I would just like some feedback about which schools would be best to apply to. A little about me: Age: 24 Utah Resident oGPA...
  7. L

    UCSF vs. Cornell

    Hi! I have until Thursday to decide between UCSF and Cornell, money and location aside, are there any compelling reasons that would lead you to definitively pick one over the other? Thanks so much for your thoughts!
  8. A

    MPH George Washington University vs. Rutgers University

    Hello all, I've been lurking on this forum since I began applying to MPH schools last year. April 15th is quickly approaching, and I need all the help I can get in making a decision. I've been accepted to (among 6 other schools) George Washington University and Rutgers University, both for...
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    Choosing the right Dental school

    Hello everyone! I am having a hard time choosing between NYU and UDM for dental school. Can anyone who has graduated or is currently attending either of these schools give me some real pros and cons not just about the dental school but maybe also the surrounding area that the dental school is...
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    Choosing between Drexel and Ohio State

    Hi guys. I was accepted into Drexel and had been planning to go there, but I've just been surprised with an acceptance from Ohio State. I know that Ohio is generally more well regarded, but I'm wondering if anyone has any more specific advise on how to choose. (also, any advice on how to...