1. P

    Taking NAPLEX early – Special Circumstance?

    Hey guys, I’m graduating in 2019…along with 14,000+ PharmDs and I’m trying to graduate before them by precisely 4-5 months. Most schools finish their APPE rotations and graduate in May/June. I scheduled my APPE rotations so that I finish in January 2019. No brainer here, I’m looking to take my...
  2. bunnyjaeger

    Help! Need Advice On What To Do

    Hello! I'm not new to these threads but I'm an upperclassman undergraduate now and things just keep going wrong... For background, I'm an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley. Double major in Molecular Cell Biology and Practice of Art My current cumulative GPA is 3.1 My sGPA is much lower...
  3. lhargreavescrewe

    Kiss me goodnight and tell me I'm pretty

    This is a shameless attention seeking style of please help me note. Please note brief life story will follow - annoying, I know, but I would appreciate the read and comments, please bear with me. I'm 25, long story short, standard dead mother by 7, evil step mother by 11, kicked out at 16...