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Jun 29, 2018
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Hey guys, I’m graduating in 2019…along with 14,000+ PharmDs and I’m trying to graduate before them by precisely 4-5 months. Most schools finish their APPE rotations and graduate in May/June. I scheduled my APPE rotations so that I finish in January 2019. No brainer here, I’m looking to take my NAPLEX in February, like literally the day after I finish my last day of rotations (peak of drought season if you can even call it that in this market). Here is the only piece of information I found on the NABP website:

“You may apply for the NAPLEX prior to graduating, but your state board of pharmacy will not confirm your eligibility to test until you meet all graduation requirements. Once you are granted eligibility you will receive an email prompting you to log in to your e-Profile to purchase your examination.”
Source: FAQs | National Association of Boards of Pharmacy | NABP

This wasn’t helpful since 1) I want to TAKE the NAPLEX rather than just apply for it and 2) I would technically complete all graduation requirements upon passing my last APPE rotation, but will my school submit my credits/eligibility right away or wait for the rest of my class to finish in June? If not, is there a way I can get my school to submit all my credits to the state board asap? Obviously being licensed 4 months early has its advantages including 4 months pharmacists income plus not having to compete with new grads. Has anyone ever gone through this and had their school let them take the NAPLEX early? I have heard of 1 case where a student took their NAPLEX about 1.5 months before the rest of the class but that was from a friend of a friend of a friend and that’s as much detail as I got. Thanks!

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Everyone would love to do this. Unfortunately for you, schools will wait until you graduate and send all materials to the board at once. The boards will process your materials all together and provide authorization to test for everyone all at once. Thus, you and all your classmates will be able to register at the exact same time for test dates. Kudos for your ambition, but everyone else has already thought of this and it doesn’t work out. At least that’s how it was at my location.
This is 100% dependent on your school. However, your exact timeline is impossible. After your school tells your BOP you've completed all graduation requirements, the BOP needs to tell the NABP that you've met the requirements to take the exam. They then need to issue an "authorization to test" number to you and after you get that, you can schedule your test. How long that takes will vary by state, but usually takes at least a month to take the NAPLEX if you're trying to do it ASAP after graduation.