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    How to become a doctor in USA? (From Ukraine)

    So here's the thing.. I'm a US citizen studying in a medical university in Ukraine. I have two more years of education left and I graduate. The question is how can I become a surgeon in the US? (specifically - a plastic surgeon) What are my steps supposed to be after i graduate? Do i start...

    US citizen from NY living in Canada for past 7 years as Canadian citizen, am I a legal US resident?

    Hi! I'm filling out my AMCAS app and I am unsure what to enter for my state of legal residence. I am a US citizen who lived in NY for 23 years, then moved to Canada 7 years ago and became a Canadian citizen. I do not think I should write that I am not a legal resident, that would make no sense...
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    US MD (Canadian Citizen) Statement of Need

    I am a Canadian citizen who doesn't have a Green Card, but I have done my high school and undergrad in the US. I am currently doing MD in a LCME accredited US Medical school. I have not lived in Canada for last 10 years. Since I am a Canadian citizen, what would be the best avenue for me to...
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    Canadian Citizen, Medical School Abroad, way to re-enter

    Hi everyone I am a canadian citizen. i left canada to come study at a medical college abroad. here the course is 5 years long and students get in right after highschool. also there is a 1 year of internship which the foreign students are not obligated to take (im considered a foreign student...
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    Transfer from German to US medical

    Hi guys, My name is Marie and I just finished my first year of med school in Germany. I was born and raised in the US but spent the past few years living in Germany, so I decided to attend medical school here. However I've recently decided that I want to return to the US in the near future...