1. Alemo

    Classifying Psychiatric Illness

    Hi all, Random musings of a soon-to-be graduating resident. I'm wondering what everyone's thoughts are on disease classification and nosology. Obviously, there is great (patient and Pharma) demand for new therapies for "existing" illnesses as defined in DSM-5, and a lot of financial and...
  2. 9

    Classifying military activities

    I need some help on how to classify some military activities. I have asked about one in particular and am still unsure for the rest. Please take in to consideration, Military is salaried so...that is why I am confused. 1) While a lab tech student (still on active duty) I volunteered to conduct...
  3. H

    Does TMDSAS change your course classification right after you submit?

    So I just submitted my TMDSAS application, and I noticed that my undergrad BCPM GPA is much lower than I thought. Turns out many of my upper-division science classes (neuroscience, evolution, etc.) were classified as "Other Science" rather than "Biology," which makes my BCPM GPA look much lower...
  4. ServiceFirst

    How should I classify this activity?

    I am officially enrolled in my university's "undergraduate research" course and part of a professor's lab. However, my role in the lab does not consist of wet bench research, but mostly quantitatively analysis of data and helping other students in the lab with their projects. Additionally, I am...
  5. K

    What happens if AMCAS reclassifies classes during verification?

    I have courses that are in the psychology department, but are purely neuroscience in content so I am classifying as BIO. What happens in the event that AMCAS reclassifies? Will they return my application and require me to resubmit? Or will they change it themselves, thereby completing the...
  6. timephone

    Florida born and raised but... non-resident :-(

    Hey all! So I'm a non-trad (28 years old, MA in social sciences) who's been living abroad for the last 4 years. I was born, raised, and educated entirely in Florida. Now that I'm pursuing some pre-med pre-reqs I figured I'd return to my hometown in FL, live w/ my mom for a year and hammer out...