1. A

    converting life experience and CLEP exams to AA degree

    Does anyone know whether receiving credits from work experience &/or CLEP exams is discounted by med schools? Or do med schools look more at the accreditation status of the institution issuing the degree?
  2. S

    CLEPed for a pre-req

    Hey guys! When I first started undergrad, I was pre-pharm and so I took the CLEP exam for gen chem. I used my credit to skip gen chem 1, but I still took gen chem 2 and the lab for 1 and 2. I finished organic chemistry with labs last semester, and I have made As in all of these courses. I...
  3. mrjbb

    Chances with Tons of P/F Classes?

    Ok a little bit of background info: I'm 28, a minority with a family and ownership in several very stable businesses. I'm looking to apply for the next cycle and I am going to allow my father to run my businesses if I get accepted. A few years ago I wanted to get several years of college under...
  4. H

    CLEP Tests

    Hey guys! I tried searching the AMCAS website, SDN threads, and Google and I couldn't find an answer, so I hope someone here knows! I'm wanting to take CLEP and DANTES/DSST exams to test out of some non-prerequisite courses, but I don't want to risk hurting my application if I fail. So what...