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  1. medshousing

    Renting Cleveland Heights, OH Perfect for UH and CCF!

    New Listing on 2678 Mayfield Road, Cleveland Heights, OH, 44106 2 bedroom, 1 bath for rent. Only 5 minute drive/ 28 minute walk from University Hospital on Euclid, and 9 minute drive to Cleveland Clinic main campus! Price local currency : $880
  2. medshousing

    Renting Bratenahl, OH-Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve, and University Hospitals.

    Listed on Listing# 0046294 Contact landlord through link Cozy 2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Apartment – CLEVELAND CLINIC / UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS 9911 Foster Avenue, Bratenahl, OH, USA Less than a 10 minute drive to the Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve...
  3. X

    Position Available Cleveland Clinic Cardiac Imaging Fellowship

    Greetings For my friends in Diagnostic Radiology considering fellowships... I strongly recommend and advocate considering Cleveland Clinic (CCF) for your cardiac and thoracic imaging fellowships. OVERALL STRENGTHS: Dedicated and world renown staff to each sub-subspecialty, combining an...
  4. mhmd1ahmd

    Cleveland Clinic elective Toefl requirements

    Hi, I am international medical student from Egypt and I have a question regarding the TOEFL requirements for Cleveland Clinic elective. I scored 109 (R:30, L:29, S:23, W:27). At Cleveland they require 26 in speaking and mine is 23, so can I apply safely or I will waste my money? Has anyone done...
  5. SophiaJ666

    Renting APT for rent : close to Cleveland Clinic, University Hospital ,CASE

    I have available for a Big three bedrooms with two bathroom suit. contact : [email protected] Location: apartment in 1351 east blvd,cleveland, 44106 . 5-10 min bike to University Hospitals, Case campus, RTA train station, Cleveland Clinic Duration: One year contact Cost: Monthly rent $1200...
  6. H

    Renting Private Room Near Cleveland Clinic, Case and University Hospitals

    Great location for Grad Students, Residents, Interns and Professionals. Furnished private rooms in a large, elegant shared home. Rooms are equipped with bed, dresser and TV w/cable. Guests have access to shared kitchen, shared bathrooms, washer/dryer and wireless Internet. Located within...
  7. D

    Cleveland Clinic Vs Memorial Sloan Kettering elective

    Would eight weeks of coronary ICU be awesome or overwhelming? Would having a broader range of electives in different specialities be better? Thank you!
  8. A

    Brain Metastasis Webcast 4/5

    Tomorrow--April 5th--Brain Metastasis Webcast led by Cleveland Clinic's John H. Suh, MD, 2pm ET.
  9. L

    Shadowing at Cleveland Clinic

    Hey okay so I want to shadow about at Cleveland Clinic (Solon Health Center) and I was told by the doctor I want to shadow that I need some paperwork for more than 40 hours and they keep sending me in phone loops and there's no good information online? So I just wanted to know the process that...
  10. Radiologyreviews2015

    Midwest Help

    Hey all, I thought I'd change it up here and ask some opinions on some programs I'm having trouble separating in the Midwest. Too many Californians/NE people on SDN! Haha. So far, I have CCF, Indiana, Wisconsin, NW, and UPMC as my top 5. I did not get interviews to Mayo, MIR, or Michigan (1st...
  11. T

    cGPA:3.8+, MCAT 518, School list?

    Just got my MCAT scores back, really wondering where I should think about applying! I don't feel like I can figure out exactly how a 518 translates to the old scale. Ive seen generally 36-38 as the estimate but I feel like there is a big difference between a 36 and a 38! Any help please please...