1. itsilya

    [DAT] 2017 Destroyer Package + Tons of Notes

    Selling package for $170: 1. 2017 DAT Destroyer + 2017 Math Destroyer (in an excellent condition; no writing/marks at all) 2. Barron's DAT Book 3. Cliff's AP Bio 3rd edition 4. My binder of notes (annotated Chad's summary for OC, GC, & Math, printed Alan's & Feralis notes, and 2 practice exams)
  2. dudeethatsrad

    DAT Breakdown! 25AA 25TS

    Hey! If you're reading this, chances are you're preparing for the DAT! You've got this! I'm writing this a bit late (I took the DAT on July 7, 2016 - lol), but I believe this breakdown will give a bit of insight on how to get a great score. I gave myself a little less than 3 months, and felt...
  3. bentley13

    2 weeks out

    Alright I am just over 2 weeks away from my test date. Tomorrow is my last day of Chad's videos. I started studying 10 days ago. I got through bio, gchem, and qr in that time (Cliffs, Chad's, Chad's). I'm a little nervous about ochem since I've only had one semester. I am planning on doing...
  4. captainGrape

    Question from Biology Cliff

    All of the following statements about endosperm in angiosperms are correct EXCEPT: A. It has a triploid chromosome number. B. It forms from a portion of the embryo sac that contains the polar nuclei. C. It provides nutrients for the growing embryo. D. It forms entirely from maternal tissue...
  5. E


    Just a quick question... Do you think the DAT destroyer on its own is enough or should I get both the DAT destroyer and the General Chemistry Destroyer? I'm just starting out (in other words the wrath of hell has just begun)...I'm planning on writing the Canadian dat in November My general...
  6. N

    Selling DAT Materials! Great study package

    Hello all, My girlfriend finished her DAT and now I'm helping her get these books sold. Please let me know if you're interested, we're trying to get rid of them by the end of September. The package includes: 1. DAT Destroyer 2014 2. MATH Destroyer 2014 (water damage towards the bottom...