clincal exposure

  1. MedicalDoge

    Awesome Gap Year Opportunity: National Health Corps Americorps Member Recruitment

    Hello all! I am serving in the National Health Corps Florida (Jacksonville) Americorps group for my gap year. It has been an amazing experience, and I thoroughly recommend it for all pre-meds looking for a meaningful and "hands-on" gap year. Please inbox me if you would like more information on...
  2. N

    What should my objective be on my resume?

    I am currently persuing an associates of arts in Biology to major in Neuroscience. Aspiring to go to med school. I want to gain clinical experience as well as research experience or a job related to my career path. I am Interested in anything related to neurology, neuroscience, Neuroradiology...
  3. N

    Need Perspective....this cycle or next? MBS or get a certificate?

    So I have been having a hard time deciding whether to apply this cycle or wait until next cycle. Gpa: 3.55 sgpa: 3.58 MCAT: yet to take but have been getting 506 So with the mcat I'm scheduled for june which I already feel is late and i know pushing it off i can have a higher score but it will...
  4. E

    Does playing with pediatric patients count as clinical exposure?

    I plan on shadowing as well, of course, but there are limited opportunities to do so on a regular basis. Volunteering at the children's hospital near me is described as "to provide play, distraction and comfort to our patients, and to provide guest services to all guests of the hospital." Does...