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Apr 19, 2017
  1. Pre-Medical
    So I have been having a hard time deciding whether to apply this cycle or wait until next cycle.
    Gpa: 3.55
    sgpa: 3.58
    MCAT: yet to take but have been getting 506

    So with the mcat I'm scheduled for june which I already feel is late and i know pushing it off i can have a higher score but it will be later and i'm worried about my competitiveness.
    Especially because I am a nontraditional medical student, I finished my degree in hospitality management.

    My ECs are so random and I know I need more, but i don't know if i should apply and then keep the schools updated while I work on more or take a year off work on it and then reapply on next june for fall 2019.
    I have around 200 volunteer hours - both at a womens center with a crisis hotline and with different fundraising events both medically related and not.
    I have a shadowing opportunity lined up - but i think i'll only get about 20 hours out of it
    And i don't really have clinical or research.

    The more I type it out the more I feel i almost have to apply next june.
    But then between now and June I've been torn whether to do a MBS program (are my grades that bad and need the improvement?) that is two 18hr fall and spring semester, so fairly packed that I won't know how much time I'll have to dedicate to other things.
    Or instead I was thinking of getting certified as a medical assistant or phlebotomy tech and work to get my clinical experience, keep volunteering and work on shadowing? (ps any tips to get more shadowing would be really appreciated, i had a hard time just getting 1 physician and could only get about 10 hours from him)

    Any opinions, insight or things that have worked for you or fellow peers/friends would be greatly appreciated.
    As a non-traditional student SDN is kind of my only version of a pre-health advisor.

    Thank you!
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