1. E

    Co-op/Internship experience

    Hi all, I have completed three co-ops at my engineering undergrad which are essentially a semester-long internship of working full time and getting paid. I have worked on three different medical device startups doing research and development. I have been involved in publications made by some...
  2. O

    The Weight of a Valuable Research Experience

    So I am a student at Drexel University, and for anyone that doesn't know, this is a co-op school (similar to NortheasternU). I am on a 5-year undergraduate program with 3, 6-month long cycles of co-ops each. Basically, I am alternating being in classes for 6 months with being on a co-op for 6...
  3. liketb12

    Internships/Co-Ops abroad?

    Hi everyone! I'm planning on doing a summer internship or co-op next year (my school has a 6 month co-op system so I have some flexibility) and really want to do one abroad. I was wondering if anyone knows of any medical/global health/biotech research nonprofits or companies internationally...
  4. J

    Co-op Screw Up! Help a Canadian

    Hello! I'm a 3rd year business student in Canada, and I only recently decided to do medical school. Problem is, before I realized I loved medicine, I had already signed a contract for a marketing co-op. Even worse, while the company is a healthcare/bio company, on my first week at work, we've...
  5. RhodyParas

    GP Co-Op in Rhode Island

    Seeking two or three GP's to co-op a large medical office at 400 Warren Avenue, in East Providence RI. Shared expenses to keep overhead low, 10+ exam rooms plus your own office; kitchenette. Looking to move in September 2016. Great opportunity if you're just starting out, or want a second...