cognitive science

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    Bad Grade in Gen Chem II Lab

    Hi - I am a cognitive science major (a junior in college) and I am considering doing a psychology grad program with a focus on neuroscience. One thing that worries me is that I received a terrible grade in gen chem II lab- a D+ (I understood the material, but I was late with turning in lab...
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    How to prepare for the MCAT?

    How and when should you begin preparing for the MCAT? I'm about to be a freshman in college studying CogSci with the intention of going to medical school after I graduate. Any real experiences would be greatly appreciated!
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    Should I Change Undergrad Major?

    Hello! So I've been accepted to UCI's Cognitive Science (B.S) program and I was wondering how does this major affect my chances of going to medical school? I am fully aware of the prerequisites courses for some medical schools so I will be taking those courses on top of my major requirements...
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    MS in Biostatistics with non-math major?

    Hi all. I'm interested in pursuing an MS in Biostatistics (and possibly continuing on to do a PhD). However, I'm not a math or engineering major. I'll graduate with a BA in Cognitive Science with a ~3.6 GPA. I've taken two computer science course as part of my degree, as well as Calculus through...
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    Transitioning from philosophy/cognitive science to medicine

    I love philosophy and the mind, but after doing research in cognitive neuroscience and cognitive science I've realized that I just love patient interaction and the isolation of research makes me unhappy. However, I have been warned by multiple people that medical school, especially the first two...