1. Pakku-man

    Can we bill sufficiently for Mental Health Services while a patient is admitted for a different dx?

    Hello everyone, I will be starting out as an medicine attending soon and wondered about the following question: "Is there meaningful financial support with medicare or private insurance that would help hospitals afford and provide mental health services such as cognitive behavioral...
  2. C

    Cognitive Neuroscience straight after High School

    Hi there. I'm a junior in high school, outside the United States and my subjects are English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology. I want to pursue Cognitive Neuroscience in college in the US right after I graduate. Any tips/advice on what I should do for extra college credit? Is it...
  3. W

    Biopsychology and Cognitive psychology

    How come these two psychology are considered biology, especially the later. On the AADSAS course list I was allowed to put them down as biology courses. It worked out awesome for me, as my GPA only benefits from this in the BCP and science grades. However, when i took cognitive psychology, there...
  4. N

    Anyone here come from a philosophy or cognitive science undergraduate program?

    To those students in medical school: Did anyone here major in philosophy or cognitive science? I'm wondering what the transition was like to medical school, which for the first two years is largely memorization based before you finally get to use critical thinking skills in the clinical years...
  5. D

    PhD/PsyD ACBS cognitive science & neuroscience doctoral program: call for applications (Drexel U., Philadelph

    I'd like to announce our cognitive psychology/neuroscience doctoral program call for applications, if that's okay with forum rules. We're the Applied Cognitive and Brain Sciences (ACBS) doctoral program at Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA), inviting applications for Ph.D. students for the...