college of pharmacy

  1. B

    Midwestern College of Pharmacy Glendale Class of 2022

    Hello all! I haven't seen a post for this class yet, so I decided to post one. Has anyone had any interviews or scheduled them yet?
  2. P

    University of Kentucky, College of Pharmacy (Early Decision)

    I applied early decision for UKCOP. I wish to know if any of you have or are planning to. I'm kind of scared of not hearing back from them for the first interviews.
  3. J

    Decision To Make Between Pharmacy Schools. Help!

    Hello everyone! I am done with interviews finally and hearing back from schools. I unfortunately did not get into my top choice so I must decide between the remaining choices. Anyone have any thoughts on Manchester University in Indiana? Marshall B. Ketchum in Fullerton, CA? Northstate...
  4. J

    Marshall B. Ketchum College of Pharmacy Class of 2022

    What are everyones thoughts on Marshall B Ketchum College of Pharmacy? Good? Bad? It is fairly new and will be in candidate status this summer and plans to be accredited in 2020. They have an established optometry and PA program. Thoughts?
  5. B

    UT Austin Congratulations and Inquiries

    Hello everyone, I'd like to congratulate those who got an offer for UT Austin this cycle. They must have done amazing on their interviews! Unfortunately, I failed mine. I got my result recently and I'm still a bit baffled since. So I have always heard this advice that the interview is nothing...
  6. khoanguyen1512

    Roseman University College of Pharmacy Class of 2020 (Entering Fall 2016)

    Dear future P1 Roseman students, my name is Khoa Nguyen and I am currently a P1 pharmacy student at Roseman University. Last year, I used this forum to get some helps and advises and i want to take imitative to help other to join the profession of pharmacy. Please feel free to ask any questions...
  7. F

    Texas Tech Pharmacy Class of 2021

    Hello all, who is applying to TTUHSC SOP for Fall 2017?
  8. F

    University of Arkansas College of Pharmacy Class of 2020

    I can't let the class of 2019 have all the fun. Come say Hi if you're going to UAMS this August. While we wait for the class to be finalized, why not join the FB group? Need to find a living situation close to campus? Why not find some roommates here?