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    Resources for studying for OPP COMAT?

    I've heard that the OPP COMAT is much harder than most people assume it is, and I'm wondering what sorts of resources are out there for it. I have my school's OPP guide and Savarese (AKA OPP Bible) but I'm wondering just how in depth I need to be for the subject since those two resources don't...
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    How much of your grade is your COMAT?

    Fellow DO students, The administration at our school recently made some changes to how third and fourth year would be graded. Previously, COMAT scores made up 10% of your grade for a rotation, with the other 90% coming from your preceptor evaluation. Now, these are split 50%/50% and the world...
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    Combank - Needs polishing

    Combank claims to be the best osteopathic Q bank available. Its really unfortunate how many errors there are throughout the Q bank though. Suggestions and student feedback must not mean that much to them as the feedback would sort out or make it a better Q bank overall. Complaints: 1...