1. P

    Pre-pharmacy Help!!

    Hello, I wanted to take some summer classes and I need to take calc and I was thinking about taking it at the community college near my house, is this a bad idea? I wanted to get it over with in the summer and I know it will tranfer because I checked with the schools but does this look bad? I...
  2. IvyLeagueGunnin0920

    120 CC credits vs 70 4-year Institution credits

    For someone who has a foreign degree ( therefore unrecognized by AMCAS ) , which of the 2 scenarios would ADCOMS favor better for someone who is doing undergrad courses in the USA , 120 credits for a community college ( mostly laboratory and science courses ) + 30 credits of pre-medical ...
  3. IvyLeagueGunnin0920

    Foreign degree, US community college, Harvard Post Bacc , Stanford Graduate

    Hi guys, this is my first post so please bear with this noob. I am concerned about my chances at a US MD school. My situation is a little messed up. I used to be an international student here in the US. I graduated from a foreign university with a horrific GPA of 2.64. I then earned an...
  4. mednerd1004

    Retake at community college and/or post-bacc?

  5. atnguy13

    Pharmcast; 4 years CC, how to add sessions?

    Im filling out pharmcas, and currently in the coursework section. When "adding a new session" it asks for the 'academic status' (Select your student registration status during this term). I've been in school for 5 years (4 years at community college). I am unsure when to start adding the...