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  1. D

    Requirements and Questions for Students at Case Western Reserve School of Dental Medicine

    Hi! I was recently told that Case Western is changing a lot of things in their dental school. I'm really considering this school so if anyone can help me out with these questions, that would be wonderful! 1.) What are the clinical requirements for graduation? Number of crowns, restos...
  2. FutureNeuro328

    How would you rate the University of Colorado Denver's medical school in comparison to some top scho

    I'm currently weighing my my top school choices. I absolutely love UC Denver's location. I love Colorado, and I love the Rockies. However, I'm also considering program strength and reputation. Perhaps, that is not the best way of thinking. I think I'd be much happier in Denver compared to the...
  3. S

    Touro Middletown vs. CUSOM

    Hi All. This year I have been accepted to LECOM, CUSOM, and Touro-NY Middletown. I immediately knew I didn't want to attend LECOM after the interview, but am still torn between the other two and would like some help since my deposit is due at Touro soon and I already had to put down a deposit...
  4. amerepedestrian

    Medical School Comparison Tool for Up to 8 Schools

    I made some modifications to existing program comparison tools ( courtesy of @Depakote and @voteknope -- thank you so much, seriously!) to adapt them for my purposes of comparing up to 8 programs in a meaningful, transparent way. If you need help deciding between numerous medical schools, this...
  5. msyato

    VCU vs. UC Schools (For Undergrad)

    Hello, to start off, I will hopefully be attending college this Fall. So far I've received admittance to some schools, in particular VCU. I am a California resident and also applied to UC schools, which I hear from in March. The point is, I want to know would it be worth it for me to choose VCU...
  6. J

    School Clinical Requirement Comparison

    Hi all! I was wondering if students at other dental schools can provide what your clinical requirements are to graduate? I'm just interested to see what other schools are like. Specifically, the number of: - SRPs - Crown/bridge units - CDs - RPDs - Miscellaneous prosth - Operative -...
  7. LindaAccepted

    Medical Med School Selectivity Index Now Up & Running!

    Med school applicants can now get a handle on where they’re most competitive by checking out our new Selectivity Index™ for med school By comparing different criteria such as GPA, MCAT scores, and acceptance rates, you’ll get a clear idea of which schools are best for you and at which schools...