competitive specialties

  1. P

    Penn vs In-State

    Hey SDN. I'm chilling in the mid-west right now trying to weigh acceptance options. I have had a lot of experience in my state school and really like the people, atmosphere, etc. But after being accepted to Penn, I have been forced to reconsider attending my state school as I am interested in...
  2. B

    Success stories/failed attempts on switching to ophthalmology?

    I just wanted to ask if anyone on here has switched/tried to switch from another specialty into ophthalmology? Or have they heard of anyone to do so? I couldn't find many stories about this online, and I was hoping to get a little bit of insight. I would appreciate it!!
  3. Piglet2020

    Aiming too high? (Competitive specialty too competitive)

    Hey friends, I’m an MS1 trying to figure out my interests. Let me just start off saying I find IM, rads, & ophtho interesting. However, I’m worried that I’m aiming a bit too high since I realized just how competitive ophthalmology & radiology are... I’m by no means at the top of my class (or...
  4. T

    Stories from the Match: A non traditional path to competitive specialties

    Hi everyone! My name is Joyce and I'm a PGY-2 in dermatology residency. I recently wrote a blogpost about my path to dermatology that has gotten tremendous feedback from medical students in all stages of training. Since the match is coming up, I wanted to share my story so that I can possibly...