1. F

    Confused. What prep books are used for COMPLEX?

    I tried searching up the DO equivalency of USMLE prep books but couldn’t find any. What books do DO students use to prep for complex? Are books like “first aid” used for both board examinations or only for USMLE? How did you prep? Is first aid sufficient? I appreciate the clarification!
  2. T

    Wedding invitations within a month of step 1/complex

    I have two wedding invites (the first: a month before test date and the second: 2 weeks before test date) from close friends in the month before step 1/complex. Wondering what others would do? I'm definitely not moving test dates up...not too much room to push them back either as I'm taking them...
  3. A

    Transferring DO to MD?

    Hi all, Now I realize that DO and MD are practically the same thing, and I am currently in a DO program where I fully believe I am gaining the knowledge I need to be a doctor....however, I'm not sure if I can get over not having the title of MD, and always having to explain exactly what a DO...
  4. arindian470

    USMLE P.A.S.S Program Advice Updated

    Wanted to give you guys an update on P.A.S.S(pass) program. I noticed an older post on her about Pass from 2012 thought I should add my 2 cents to this. I went to a Caribbean medical school, I completed Pass program about a month back in order to study for the NMBE comp exam. My course offered a...