computational biology

  1. Varanus komodoensis

    Computational biology and medical school

    Hello, I am a Junior High School student recently looking into possible medical work. I volunteer at my city's hospital and through this I believe I may want to consider going to a medical school. Originally, I planned to become a software engineer, I am a half-decent programmer and believe CS...
  2. O

    Advice: PhD or MD/Phd: Computational Biology

    Hey all! I've been lurking on this forum for a while-just never asked a question, so decided to finally ask! So I'm stuck in a crossroads now and trying to decide whether to apply PhD or MD/PhD and my competitiveness... I'm interested in the clincal-side, but coming from computational biology...
  3. T

    Computational Biology/Bioinformatics in PhD Portion of MD/PhD

    Hello. I've been strongly considering getting an MD/PhD. My current interests are in computational biology/bioinformatics, and image analysis/illness representations. I consider Radiology and Immunology to be particularly strong specializations to augment my research, which would mostly be...