1. ajs513

    Virtual reality anatomy

    Does anyone have experience with VR anatomy programs? I know some schools (VMCVM, TAMU) have VR programs either in the works or available for students to use, but does anyone know of any for students to use at home? I’ve seen JetsonVR but don’t want to buy it without hearing people’s thoughts on...
  2. H

    Future of Medicine

    Hey everyone! I was wondering about a few things in the next ten to twenty years of medicine. I am an undergraduate student, Molecular Biology Major, and hoping to pursue medicine in the future. This will be my last year, (I have taken my MCAT and have everything set to go). I am deciding on my...
  3. N

    Question regarding Large IPad Pro vs Surface Book

    Hello I am a new student who just got accepted into a PT program starting in the fall of 2017. I have a very old laptop and therefore need to buy something for note taking for PT school. I was looking into the surface book and also the IPad Pro ( large screen). From what I have read, the surface...
  4. C

    Will AI replace Radiologists?

    Better and more accurate question is; When will AI replace radiologists? This is really happening. Look at that TED talk, here; Is this really happening? Should we concerned about it? I am :(