1. Wolf77x

    Is medicine still secure?

    Sometimes it feels like all the doctors I talk to are telling me to run. What is the scene like from the inside? Thank you.
  2. DocSherman

    Is the current cycle moving faster than normal or is this business as usual?

    Hello. I don’t know if this is just me catastrophizing because I currently have no IIs (just Rs and silence), but it seems like the application cycle is moving faster. I mean…interviews are being scheduled in January of next year, according to some schools. We’re supposedly early in the...
  3. M

    Questions and worries regarding pre-pharm from a concerned high schooler

    Hi everyone, Hey! I'm currently a high school senior who has decided upon attending a two/three-year pre-pharmacy program (I am electing for the three years of undergrad). However, I have a great deal of concerns about my capacity to be able to be able to do well within pre-pharmacy and...
  4. A

    Letters of Recommendation Concerns - will I be considered?

    The application cycle is very close to beginning and I plan on applying in June but I'm starting to freak out about my letters of recommendation. I've realized that each school typically requires at least one science professors and some even 2 or more with very specific requirements. I have...