conrad fischer

  1. R

    BOTH Conrad Fischer Step 1 Cramathon this weekend

    Just wondering if anyone attended/knows someone who attended the last Cramathon and has any feedback at all? Mainly about the material covered...did he really tie strings together from all subjects well or was it more of spending lots of time on dissecting specific questions similar to his...
  2. J

    USMLE WHICH KAPLAN VIDEOS? HY? Classroom Anywhere? Center Prep?

    Hey guys, Although many recommend the famous Kaplan videos, I'm not sure which set they speak of.. Classroom Anywhere? Step 1 High Yield? Center Prep? Am I missing any others? Which ones include Conrad Fischer? I've noticed the "2010" and "2012" vids are circulating, what set do they pertain...
  3. quepid

    Step 3 Prep videos - MedQuest vs DIT 3

    Has anyone used the Conrad Fischer MedQuest videos for step 3? Are they worth it? I thought his Step 2 High Yield video that went along with Master The Board was pretty good. Does the MedQuest go along with the MTB3? Also, how about DIT step 3? About to start Step 3 prep and was trying to...