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  2. sleempk61796

    What are my chances with this downward to upward trend?

    Hey guys. I am an aspiring medical (MD/DO), underrepresented student (Physics Major/Maths Minor) and I have been freaking out over the fact that my undergraduate grades for sGPA has shown a downward trend! I ended up getting only 3 C+s in my upper-level physics courses (Quantum Physics...
  3. 123456789gl

    Stats and should I continue premed?

    Hey everyone. I am an Asian Female (ORM) who is debating whether to continue the premed track. So far I have finished stats, chem 1, calc 1, psych, physics 1, cell bio, and organismal bio. I study at a liberal arts college and I still have 5 more premed courses to take before I am done...