1. P

    how consults are split in your practice

    Long time lurker, new attending radonc in private practice. How do people in multi-physician practices split new consults? ... specifically, what do you do if a consult is not directed to any specific physician? is the consult assigned to the first available slot? Do you split them 50/50 (if 2...
  2. V

    Pediatric Fellowship call

    Hello current pediatric Fellows! I’m trying to collect some information regarding call (in regards to number of weeks ) and how the services are split. Helpful information: - how many fellows in the fellowship - how are consults, inpatient service, night shift, weekends distributed (per year)...
  3. L

    Inpatient consults jobs

    What's the general availability of jobs that are entirely or mostly consults? So far, it's what I've liked the most. Just wondering if I can make a living doing just that and whether those jobs are so rare that I'm going to have to use a recruiter to help me find what I want.
  4. Bluesclera

    Great blog post on consults by Dr. Bob Wong

    http://www.36thandhamilton.com/#!The-Three-As-of-Medicine/c1tye/578457470cf250831da4308c Dr. Wong and has been dropping some great posts on his blog 36thandhamilton I liked this article and think it has some great pointers for new residents starting this month.