contract non-renewal

  1. M

    Contract non-renewal/termination

    I'm PGY-2 in FM program. I've been on academic probation in my residency for over a year and it's not going well. It's been suggested to look for another program or pursue non-clinical path as my contract won't likely be renewed at the end of my second year. They told me I've been very...
  2. O

    Contract non-renewal :{

    Hi, I had been matched in my program in June 2015. On day 1 I had a panic attack and went to ED. I put my effort got back but I wasn't diagnosed yet. I worked in ED for a month. Tried my best but couldn't pass it. I started IM but couldn't make it far and had to take LOA. Again started yet had...
  3. R

    Help/Advice needed - intern year

    I'm an IMG started my intern year in IM and started of with ICU rotation. I did bad not with the patient care but a bit slow due to understanding the new process and system here. But senior resident whom I rotated with made that a big issue and projected as I don't know how to take care of...
  4. NeedHelp1234

    Yet another Contract non-renewal thread.

    I just completed my intern year in IM however was not offered option to renew for PGY-2 year. During remediation I resigned and managed to register for the SOAP--application not timely for anything else. Can anyone tell me what would be my chances of getting a PGY-2 position in IM through the...
  5. J

    General Surgery PGY-2 Contract non-renewal