contract review for physician

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    Physician Contract Review and Negotiations + Attorney Access. Physician Career Advice and Protection.

    Doctors Support Doctors LLC is a physician owned and operated company on a mission to protect doctor's careers! We offer a comprehensive contract review process and tailored career advice. Check us out on the White Coat Investor or at our website below. https://www.doctorssupportdoctors.com/
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    New grad contract recommendations needed

    I received this offer as part of LOI for rural FM in the southeast. Please advise on how best to negotiate. I am a new grad who would be starting the J1 visa waiver. I would not be eligible for the loan assistance due to foreign loan complications. - starting base salary of $200,000 to be...
  3. D

    Thoughts on a contract for inpatient psych? New graduate

    I'm graduating this summer from CA fellowship, supervisors from my program are less than helpful about market rates for contracts in non-academic settings so I'm hoping others can provide some guidance on an offer I've received. Large (>1 million) mid-western city, Free standing psych hospital...
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    Advertisement Contract Review For Physicians

    Should I get a contract review? Yes. http://www.ContractReviewHQ.com I know, I'm a cardiologist and have seen many of my friends get duped. I created this site to create awareness to potential 'victims'. Happy hunting.