1. PHDtobe_

    Applying to clinical psych internships this year, current pending DUI charge (from 2021) versus convicted DUI?

    I (25 y/o female) made a dumb mistake and drove home after going out last year (feb2021). I had a few drinks, on an empty stomach after working all day, and ignorantly thought that if i stopped drinking by 10:30ish I would be good to drive by 2. I really had no knowledge of BAC and how long it...
  2. G

    Accepted - Now how should I disclose a criminal conviction?

    Hi all, Long story short, I am accepted to a school that did not ask about any prior convictions in their secondary app. I also did not disclose the conviction on my AMCAS because it didn't occur until after I had submitted the app. The incident occurred in early Winter 2014 and was a DUI with...