1. D

    Pitt vs Cooper

    I have multiple acceptances and need to decide. I like both schools. Hopefully you all can provide your thoughts! Cooper Pros: close to where I grew up; much cheaper; great community; new school, meaning lots of opportunity to be a leader and shine; opportunities to improve the region where I...
  2. TyrannosaurusFlex

    How do I look?

    Hey guys, I decided to make an account here on SDN to really get some insight as to what I should do. I am considering to go to school for either an MD or DO but preferably MD because I hear that there's many more options for an MD rather than a DO such as certain specialties like Hematology...
  3. S

    Trauma Surgery Clerkship Question: Cooper vs Rutgers @ Newark?

    Hello all-- I need your help! I was accepted into both the Cooper and the Rutgers @Newark Trauma Surgery clerkship programs, 1 month at each. I don't know which one to pick-- does anyone know which one is better/busier? Or which one would allow me to see the most intense/crazy stuff? Where I...