cord blood

  1. P

    Is it possible to design a clinical trial as a medical student?

    I'm starting my first year at an MD school this upcoming August. I'm already heavily involved in research and I've published a few papers on a very specific topic (meta-analyses, in vitro studies, animal studies, literature reviews, and an upcoming hypothesis paper/mini review). I was first...
  2. BrownianMotion

    Cord Blood Banking?

    Hey guys, random question, but does anyone here have any experience with cord blood banking? My wife is expecting and I was looking into. Anyone with any advice or company recommendations on whom they have had experience with? Thanks!
  3. BrownianMotion

    Cord blood?

    Hi guys, random question from an IM guy. So my wife and I are expecting and we were looking into doing this save cord blood thing. Anyone with any experience in this or have a recommendation for companies or any input on it? Thanks!