1. SciClin

    My "core science" classes won't be graded? How will schools view this?

    This is quite a specific scenario, so I apologize if the (# of people helped) : (effort put in to answer question) ratio is rather small. My school allows students to take placement exams for nearly all "core science" classes. In short, I will not have the following classes on my transcript...
  2. shahzam1

    St. Johns Episcopal NY Core Rotations

    Has anyone completed core rotations or electives in the cores at St. Johns Episcopal? What factors do you consider when deciding where to do the cores? I am deciding between this and Prince Georges in MD, California medical Center Los Angeles, Norwalk Hospital in CT. My current thought process...
  3. D

    reneging on research position

    Hi, I'm curious about what you guys thinking about reneging an offer for lab tech at Memorial Sloan Kettering hospital (I have signed an offer letter)? I recently received a new offer to join a lab that started recently, that is also very small, but with research I am very passionate in...