1. B

    Texas CPhT Trainee or Technician?

    Hello all! I passed my PTCB exam and am nationally certified. My question is: I need my state certification (Texas), should I apply for technician trainee or just the registered technician? Money is a little tight and I don't want to waste it on something pointless. Or, should I just apply to...
  2. A

    PharmD student, no available internship positions, should I get CPhT?

    It seems like for every 1 pharmacy internship position, there are 20 tech position openings. After many applications and some interviews for internships, I've got nothing. I really only want to work at a health system and would really only consider community if I had nothing else (even then I'd...
  3. Cefuroxilimes

    Thinking of quitting CPhT job at Walgreens to work at Walmart...

    TL;DR: Currently work at Wags, but sorta just putting up with it. Nervous about changing flags to work for tiny neighborhood Walmart on my campus, but was my 1st choice and still is! Been about 4 months at wags. I've only been there 4ish/5ish months, afterall!