1. W

    Low NBME Scores

    Hey everyone, USMD 2 here currently FREAKING OUT. I've gotten all As and Bs in my classes and did well on some NBME subject exams (anatomy/embryo, neuro, physio, not so hot on biochem but still ok). Then didn't do so well (below 50th percentile on everything - path, pharm, behavioral, sciences...
  2. H

    Non-UFAPS resources geared towards COMLEX Level 1?

    (erased for privacy)
  3. Tenzing2017

    June 30th MCAT Cram?

    Hey everyone, Thanks for reading, I'd just like some advice real quick on the MCAT and what it's worth. I am a good student, I've worked hard from an upward trend, transferred university and am currently the top Junior Biochemistry major at a top 50 college (I came a long way :D). Because of my...
  4. FutureDrOcean

    Prepping for a 522 - an alternate way...

    Hey all, So I've read a lot of threads and posts on here about students worried about their performance on an upcoming MCAT. I know many students take a fairly ubiquitous route of cramming for a summer before taking the MCAT end of summer or beginning of fall. Since I took a less-traveled route...