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Feb 20, 2018
Medical Student
So I didn't do so great my first year of medical school but looking to pick up the slack second year (first year is wrapping up now). Going into 2nd year with the mentality of kicking some a** but wondering what outside resources are good for reviewing for the COMLEX specifically?

So from reading lots of threads on this topic (COMLEX vs. Step 1 differences, etc. etc.) it seems the following are COMLEX-specific:

1) more neuro
2) more anatomy
3) know micro and pharm solid
4) more random details (sucks for crammers like me since review material probably skips these)
5) OMM (duh)
6) easier biochem (yay!)
Anything else?

I know UFAPS + Savarse is like a religion here but if I wanted to study more specifically for COMLEX what outside resources should I really hit? I was thinking HY neuroanatomy; BRS anatomy; etc. Trying to see what other resources ppl used to really nail COMLEX. I don't think it is realistic for me to review a year's worth of lectures from OMS-I all over again.....looking for help!

Thank you in advance :shrug:
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