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  1. T

    Starting school with credit card debt

    Hi there! I am starting dental school this summer which is super exciting but unfortunately I have about $10k left in debt. This was a result of two cycles, dental assisting classes, and traveling for interviews. I know it was an investment. I was hoping my current job would have paid all of it...
  2. SSDGM

    MD Entering M1: FA + CC conundrum

    So, I'm in a weird predicament that I feel really ashamed to admit here (please go easy on me). I don't have the financial-aid know-how to figure this one out. BAD NEWS: Basically, I have tons of credit card debt. Some cards, some consolidated personal lines of credit, etc. I'm working on...
  3. Plasticbag80

    Paying security deposit/first and last rent

    Hi guys, So I'm a rising MS1 at a public institution in CA and I'm paying for my education through (mostly) federal student loans and grants. My problem is paying a security deposit and first months rent upfront when signing a lease to an apartment since my loans don't get disbursed until I...