critical care board review

  1. joe1969

    How to pass BCCCP exam.

    Some thoughts how to pass the BCCCP exam ; I took the BPS studying from the ACCP and the review course 4 times since 2012 could not pass it. I don't have time to study for more than 2 weeks (the only time I could be off work ) but I passed the BCCCP from the 1st time after 2 weeks study thanks...
  2. SubclavianSteel

    Best Anesthesia CCM Board prep/questions/advice

    What is recommended for the anesthesia CCM boards? Which study questions do people recommend? I've been doing SEEK CCM questions and reading text books, but is this enough? I've been out of fellowship a few years. Any advice is helpful, T-minus 6 months. Thanks