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    Aortic arch debranching: CT or Vascular?

    Hi friends, I was watching this Tedtalk (unfortunately not allowed to post links yet) by a Vascular surgeon who talked about aortic arch debranching which seems stupid wicked cool, but I'm curious if vascular surgeons actually get to do that or if that's relegated to the CT surgeons? Looking at...
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    How much endovascular training do Integrated CT Surgery residents actually get?

    A lot of the I6 programs seem to be marketing themselves as aiming to train cardiothoracic surgeons who are competent in both surgical and catheter-based skills. I'm wondering how much the residents actually get to do on their rotations with interventional cards, IR, and vascular surgery - are...
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    Top Integrated CT Surgery Programs - 2017 Update

    These rankings are based on the final product of each institution. It is my belief that three things contribute primarily to this: 1) autonomy 2) surgical volume and 3) surgical complexity. Top tier: 1. UPENN - Undisputed power house. Dr. Acker continues to get his choice of the top 1-2...