current dental students

  1. D

    Direct admission into Endodontics residency possible? should I apply?

    Hi, I am currently a DS3 in dental school, and I am wondering if it is worth trying to apply to Endo Residency this upcoming cycle. If I am top 15%, have research experience, have leadership positions, and a part of various professional orgs, work... do I have a chance? Where I am lacking is...
  2. M

    Lab Class II prep Question?

    Does a class II prep for composite need complete clearance from the adjacent tooth? This was for class II MO on tooth #14. On CDCA does a contact point btw axial wall and gingival floor result in 0 if not 90 degrees and a bit rounded?
  3. Dental0928

    Dogs/Pets in Dental School!!!!

    Hey guys so I was just accepted to two dental schools yesterday, and now that the excitement has sunk in, the worry has begun lol. I want to hear from from current dental students ESPECIALLY if you go to Midwestern-IL, Roseman or Colorado :) Some background info on my situation: I got two...