1. Pricefield

    What are my chances of getting into a top 50 NIH Funded Medical School

    Hello all, First of all: Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to reply to my thread. The reason why I want to get into a top 50 NIH funded school is because graduates from these schools in particular have an increase in matches into a Dermatology residency, which is the field...
  2. D

    How is step 1 actually graded/curved?

    I have heard multiple things about how the Step 1 three number score is calculated. I am curious as to how they actually make the curve. Is each test considered a data point in total or are you compared against other students who had the same questions as you only? Everyone gets a different test...
  3. tasar1898

    UWSA Grading

    Hey everyone , I don't know if this 'll help anyone but just wanted to leave it here.. It looks like the curve of uwsa is kinda changed , because I remember reading about cumulative 84% = 265/800 , but I completed UWSA-1 today and got 760 = 262 with my block score being 86%/80%/93%/84%