dat bc

  1. G


    Hello, I reallllllly am struggling with the Reading Comprehension section of the DAT. Took the test once before and scored less than 14 on the RC section, so please don't tell me the DAT RC is easier-mine was a lot harder. English isn't my first language and I am a slow reader. I was scoring...
  2. niagra_falls

    the DAT and Anxiety

    Im having trouble managing my anxiety levels while studying for the DAT , i have tried yoga , meditation, studying outside, simple breathing exercises. but its seems nothing is working for me. this poses a real issue for me because i tend to study as much as i can in a day ( around 4-6 hours)...
  3. niagra_falls

    QR help

    hello everyone , so i have been doing about 30 problems a day from the QR section in the DAT destroyer, as a "warm up" to doing the Math destroyer and i am getting about half the questions correct . I was wondering if someone can tell me if i am on the right track or if im just wasting my time...
  4. O


    Any fellow pre-dentals who recently finished their DAT studying selling their leftover BC subscription?
  5. A

    DAT Breakdown 9/8/16 (w/ practice scores)

    Took the DAT today! I looked at so many other peoples posts to get an idea where I stood before I took it so I figured it might be helpful to other people. I would say I'm a pretty average pre-dental student. I studied for 10 weeks 5-8 hours a day 5-6 times a week. I took some days off...
  6. W

    DAT PAT Hole punches, Cubes, TPE.

    Hi, I can not seem to find a thread that answers my question. On the DAT how many folds can I expect on the hole punching section? In addition, how many hole punches? I usually see 2 or 1 whole and a half. I may have seen 3 on a DAT BC question. For cube counting, how many cubes are there...