dat destroyer orgoman 2016

  1. trypsinthecat

    Selling PCAT Study Materials!

    I'm selling the Dr. Collins 2016-2017 study bundle, 3 full Pearson tests, 5 Cliffs PCAT tests, and my Kaplan 2016-2017 book! I used all of them to study and I got a 97 composite. They are all in very good condition. Please email me at [email protected] for details. Thank you!
  2. trypsinthecat

    For Sale Selling DAT Materials for Cheap!

    I'm selling the 2014 DAT Destroyer, Math Destroyer, and Organic Chemistry Odyssey! I can also throw in a Kaplan book and a Cliffs AP Bio 2nd edition and 3rd edition. They are all in very good condition. Please email me at [email protected] for details. Thanks!
  3. pateeth

    How to go about the DAT destroyer and in general about studying for DAT?

    Hello, I've been lurking through this site for months now, last month I finally decided I couldn't put off studying for DAT anymore and decided to face my fears. Anyway, I'm not very strong in ANY of the subjects of the DAT. I've been taking very detailed notes on Chad's videos, and I...
  4. S

    DAT Destroyer OC 109

    I understand that Tollens reagent reacts with aldehydes and alpha-hydroxy ketones. What would be the product of Tollens reagent and an alpha-hydroxy ketone? Thanks
  5. E


    Just a quick question... Do you think the DAT destroyer on its own is enough or should I get both the DAT destroyer and the General Chemistry Destroyer? I'm just starting out (in other words the wrath of hell has just begun)...I'm planning on writing the Canadian dat in November My general...
  6. A

    Dat Destroyer Guidance

    I wanted to seek guidance on what would be the best strategy to use with destroyer because a lot of threads I have personally read say to go through destroyer twice but wouldn't you by convention remember the answer from previous. Also after answering the questions what should you do after to...
  7. A


    I was wondering if anybody had a dat bootcamp coupon code
  8. X

    23 TS 20 AA: DAT breakdown for the average NERVOUS test taker

    PAT: 17 QR: 15 (I know) RC: 18 BIO: 24 GC: 23 OC: 21 TS: 23 AA: 20 First of all, I want to start by saying that it has been years since I took any science classes, and I was always very nervous when it came to the sciences, especially for bio. Second, while studying, I worked...
  9. J

    2016 dat destroyer

    Hey everyone I am writing the DAT in 30 days, and i have the 2012 dat destroyer and have gone through it, would it be worth it to purchase the 2016 dat destroyer? Does anyone know if there are new/different questions? and if the new testing material for biology is updated on these destroyers?