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    DAT 2024 DAT Destroyer Giveaway Winner Announced

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    DAT 2024 DAT Destroyer Giveaway | DAT Study Guide

    Join our exciting raffle and get a chance to win the 2024 DAT Destroyer! Here's how to enter: ➡️Follow us on Instagram @orgomadatdestroyer ➡️Like this post ➡️Share this post and tag us ➡️Comment on this post ➡️Join DAT Destroyer Study Group FB The winner will be randomly selected from eligible...
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    DAT Organic Chemistry Odyssey Prep Book for DAT - Giveaway - Ends Nov 1

    This is for the much in demand 📘Organic Chemistry Odyssey that has helped thousands of students. 👉Contest ends November 1 and winner announced November 2! Good luck to all!🍀 Need extra help with Organic Chemistry to build a better foundation? Dr. Romano's Organic Chemistry Odyssey offers...
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    DAT Fall Sale $75 OFF DAT(OAT) and Math Destroyer Bundle

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    $25 OFF DAT and OAT Destroyer

    Take $25 OFF DAT Destroyer or any of our single products! Discount code take25 Ends October 1 $25 OFF DAT Destroyer Math Destroyer OAT Destroyer Organic Chemistry Odyssey General Chemistry Destroyer Dynamite Biology Review Save $75 DAT and Math Destroyer at checkout, no code needed OAT and...
  6. M

    For Sale Selling DAT Study Material

    Hello, Selling my old DAT materials which includes the following: DAT Kaplan Review Notes DAT Kaplan Lesson Book Kaplan Flash Cards Barron's DAT guide (w/ CD Rom w/ example tests) DAT Destroyer Math Destroyer I also printed out these extra items in case I needed to study again but never used...
  7. 2thDoc11

    Defeat the DAT

    Has anybody used this resource? How is it? I've watched Chads videos and all of Dr. Romanos general chemistry videos but I am still really struggling with the DAT destroyer. Will the defeat the DAT help? Also how helpful have you found orgomans youtube videos? Thank you
  8. 2thDoc11

    DAT destroyer troubles

    Okay so I've watched all of chads gen chem and orgo videos. All seemed pretty simple, some tough stuff here and there. I then decided to move into the 2020 DAT destroyer and I honestly will get 1-3 right out of 20. This shiz blows my mind. How do you learn from this material?? I didn't see half...
  9. K

    I'm scared

    I posted here before about studying for the DAT a little over 2 months ago and I'm honestly incredibly embarrassed to say that things definitely didn't go as planned between then and now. I take my test on January 9th and so far I've only gone through all of the 2019 DAT Destroyer questions, did...
  10. K

    Feeling lost and anxious about studying for the DAT

    Hi, I'm feeling utterly lost and stressed over studying for the DAT and would like some advice on how to use the approximately 18 weeks (as of 9/3 when I posted this) I have before my exam to study. My exam is scheduled for Jan 9. Just to give some background, I'm currently in my 5th semester...
  11. D

    DAT Destroyer Question

    Hello all! I have been using DAT Bootcamp resources to study for content review and now I have 3.5 weeks left until my test date. I have done a week of Bootcamp Tests 1-5 subject questions but I feel like I need to transition to DAT Destroyer/Math Destroyer (I personally have seen many success...
  12. Tjharden15

    Breakdown AA: 22/TS: 23/PAT:23

    So I just took my DAT a few days ago and wanted to post something because when I was studying I didn't see many posts that struggled with the things I did (aka QR, Gen. Chem, and RC mostly) so I thought this might help those who feel less confident about the DAT leading up to it. So for study...
  13. otlcat

    DAT Breakdown 2018 [studied 3 weeks] AA22 | TS 22 | PAT 22

    I took the DAT on 1/8/2018 (lol this post is 7 months late) and this is my score: AA 22/ TS 22/ BIO 22/ GC 23/OC 22/ RC 22/ QR 22/PAT 22 Just a little background about myself, I am your typical Bio major and will be graduating June 2019. My GPA right now is actually slightly on the lower side...
  14. M


    Scores: PAT 23, QR 27, RC 30, Biology 25, GC 23, OC 30, TS 26, AA 27 Feel free to message me with any questions on applying or anything! I’d love to help out. Time Studied: 1 month Hours per Day: 6 to 12 approximately Materials Used -DAT Destroyer -Math Destroyer -General Chemistry Destroyer...
  15. J

    Buying Topscore exams for DAT retake?

    So I'm retaking my DAT on July 26th (got 17 AA last time, yeah I know horrible), and I already took all of the Bootcamp practice exams and DAT qvault (just for bio). I'm averaging about 20's in both for bio, and I'm averaging 19's on GC and OC on bootcamp. I already have used DAT destroyer for...
  16. K

    DAT study tips

    Hi eveyone, So I am taking the DAT next year in july (2019) but i want to review this summer how much i remember for bio and chemistry. I was thinking to buy the DAT destroyer from a lady in offerup thats selling it for 200 and it comes with 4 books i thinks its the more expensive bundle ($400...
  17. E

    Low DAT scores...retake and apply for this cycle?

    Hi everyone, I just took my DAT this morning after studying for three months and my scores were awful...I'm so discouraged. I'm aware of the 90-day wait period, but I'm wondering if it's even worth it to try and retake it in September (90 days from now) and attempt to apply for this upcoming...
  18. ChemistryDentist

    Changes to the DAT in 2019 and Some Other Questions

    Hi everyone! This is my first post to SDN, so hopefully I don't seem too over-ambitious or anything of the sort. I plan on taking the DAT in the Spring of 2019, but I would like to start reviewing this summer. I know people tend to promote a 3-4-6-8-whatever week studying plan, but I would...
  19. K

    DAT Retake 24 AA, 27 TS

    hi all I just retook my DAT for the third time. here is my breakdown for all my attempts. (first-->second-->third) 2017-->2017-->2018 BIO 18 --> 21 --> 28 (+8) CHEM 19 --> 25 --> 24 (-1) OCHEM 15 --> 24 -->30 (+6) :soexcited: QR 15 --> 21 --> 22 (+1) PAT 17 --> 21--> 22 (+1) RC 17 -->...
  20. U

    Selling 2015 Destroyer + Free Cliff's 3rd ed.

    I have a 2015 Destroyer that I bought new. Great condition. No writing/notes or loose pages. The only marks in the book are from where I highlighted the numbers in the left margin of a few problems that I wanted to review. I will throw in a free Cliff's AP Bio 3rd edition with highlighting...
  21. T

    Advertisement Bidding for DAT Destroyer (2011) + AP bio (3rd ed) + PCAT (2013-2014)

    Predentists: Dat destroyer (2011) + Cliffs AP biology (3rd edition) | eBay Prepharms: Kaplan PCAT (2013-2014) + Certification Exam Review for the Pharmacy Technician | eBay
  22. T

    2017 Vs 2018 DAT destroyer/Math Destroyer

    Hello, I have the option to buy the Combo for $75 for the 2017 version. The 2018 Version online is $200. Money is not a huge issue, but is their a large/worthwhile difference between the two. I plan to supplement these regardless with Bootcamp and other pivotal resources. Also if your name is...
  23. K

    DAT breakdown and concern for RC....

    So i just took my DAT couple days ago. PAT 21 QR 21 RC 15 Bio 21 Che 25 Oche 24 TS 23 AA 21 MOCK TESTS (DAT BOOTCAMP TEST 1,2,3,4,5) PAT 22 23 22 21 19 QR 20 19 20 19 17 RC 16 16 17 19 17 BIO 20 21 21 22 22 CHE 24 21 23 23 20 OCH 19 22 18...
  24. DAT Destroyer

    DAT Dr. Romano's DAT Destroyer Study Group - Raffles and fun!

    I will be leading this group.....feel free to discuss problems and concerns.... DAT DESTROYER STUDY GROUP
  25. DAT Destroyer


    Ask us anything! We have over 25 years’ experience preparing students for the DAT Exam! You can truly ask us anything. Feel free to join my DAT STUDY GROUP on Facebook DAT Study Group. I spearhead this group and answer all questions...as well as give many new and exciting problems each...
  26. D

    Dat Breakdown

    DAT Breakdown below. 26AA | 28 TS | 30 OC | 27 GC | 26 Bio | 22 RC | 24 QR | 25 PAT Special thanks to Ari at DAT Bootcamp & DAT Destroyer. I am a non-traditional student who hasn't taken Biology in 10 years, work full-time, and am not a "good" test taker. My only opportunities to study were...
  27. paperbands

    DAT Breakdown 2017 (24 PAT/30 QR/30 RC/30 BIO/27 GC/28 OC/28 TS/29 AA)

    Before I start… I apologize for how lengthy this post is! I took my test yesterday! I studied for around 10-11 weeks. The first month and a half was inconsistent studying, and I studied between 0-6 hours a day (probably with a mean of 3-4 hours a day). I didn’t crack down until the last month...
  28. M

    DAT Help, my scores are not doing well.

  29. tarheel2017

    Done with DAT! 24 AA 24 TS 21 PAT. Thanks and Advice

    Hey Everyone! Just got back from the test center and am happy to say I exceeded my expectations! This forum has helped me immensely over the past 3 months and I just wanted to say some thanks and give some advice to others! First the scores: PAT 21 QR 23 RC 24 Bio 24 GC 25 OC 24 TS 24 AA 24...
  30. IdleKoala

    Rate my DAT Study Schedule. Advice Welcome!

    Hello all, I am new to this forum as of last night, and let me tell you, this forum has already been an invaluable resource to me! The community on here seems to be amazing and super motivated! Very inspiring, but also intimidating! I wish the best to all of us and hope that we can encourage...
  31. P

    DAT bootcamp vs actual DAT scores

    Anyone who has taken the DAT, how similar where your scores to actual exam vs DAT bootcamp (the individual section tests vs full lengths vs actual exam)? I am on crunch time, if I only had time to do 4 exams total- which ones do I do out of the 5 bootcamp and 2009 and 2007 ADA, which ones do...
  32. dentaldiva27

    So conflicted about my DAT. Any advice/input would be greatly appreciated!

    Hi everyone, Right now I am scheduled to take my first DAT a week from today on the 25th. However, I don't feel I am as prepared as I should be and am considering postponing it another week. I started off using Kaplan for about a month but found that to be a huge waste of my time and really...
  33. Auntymarkovnikov

    How did YOU use DAT Destroyer?? <Destroyer Review>

    I pretty much just want to see how destroyer has helped different people: How did you use DAT destroyer? How did it help you? After taking the DAT, would you have gone back in time and used Destroyer differently? Any feedback would be great. I am about to go through it for the second time. Exam...
  34. Auntymarkovnikov

    Feralis vs Anki vs Cliffs

    My DAT is in less than a month. I read through Cliffs one time and made flash cards on all the destroyer bio problems. I wanted to know you guys think would be most efficient/effective in addition to studying my destroyer flashcards: reading over Feralis, rereading Cliffs, or simply downloading...
  35. Auntymarkovnikov

    Should I take the DAT in August? Help!

    Here we go: Should I take my exam July 29th, August 2nd, or August 7th (these are rough dates, i will try and make one of these happen).I am currently scheduled for August 2nd at 4pm. PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE ON A GOOD DATE TO TAKE THE DAT. Atm, I am not even remotely close to being ready. I do...
  36. N

    need DAT destroyer advice!

    Hello everyone, I recently started solving Dat destroyer after reviewing the materials for a month. But for G.C, I keep getting wrong (almost 80% wrong) :( For this issue, for those who did destroyer before, would recommend me continuing with DAT destroyer to learn from it? (and review my...
  37. DDental777

    Am I really ready ?!?

    My DAT is very very close Here is my BC scores (First try) Bio 21-24-21-21-23-20-19-20-18-19 Chem 17-23-20-18-22-19-24-19-18-22 Orgo 18-18-22-23-26-22-19-20-22-21 Pat avg 19 Reading avg 18 Qr avg 17 2009 Dat Bio 25 Chem23 Orgo 24 Pat 19 2007 Dat Bio 26 Chem 25 Orgo 28 Pat 19 Also...
  38. P

    July 3, 2017 DAT Breakdown

    Alright guys, so I made an account just to post my DAT breakdown. SDN has been such a great help during my studies that I found it necessary to give back to the community and see if I can help answer any of your questions in this post! Well to start off, I'm 20 and I just finished Sophomore...
  39. B

    DAT Destroyer "Organic Chemistry Odyssey" for sale GREAT DEAL

    Hey guys! I'm selling my "Organic Chemistry Odyssey" book by Dr. Jim Romano. I used it when I took the DAT last year and it really helped me on the organic chemistry section. The book is part of DAT Destroyer (which I also used) and it can really help you crush the Orgo section. The book's...
  40. B

    Selling DAT Destroyer "Organic Chemistry Odyssey"

    Hey guys! I'm selling my "Organic Chemistry Odyssey" book by Dr. Jim Romano. I used it when I took the DAT last year and it really helped me on the organic chemistry section. The book is part of DAT Destroyer (which I also used) and it can really help you crush the Orgo section. The book's...