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  2. DAT Destroyer

    $25 OFF DAT and OAT Destroyer

    Take $25 OFF DAT Destroyer or any of our single products! Discount code take25 Ends October 1 $25 OFF DAT Destroyer Math Destroyer OAT Destroyer Organic Chemistry Odyssey General Chemistry Destroyer Dynamite Biology Review Save $75 DAT and Math Destroyer at checkout, no code needed OAT and...
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    DAT 2024 Dynamite Biology Review - FREE

    Dr. Romano created these study notes to help you study the Biology section for the DAT or OAT. For students that need a Biology review this is an excellent supplement to the DAT and OAT Destroyer books. The Destroyer book is used by thousands of students each year and is updated yearly to...
  4. M

    DAT AA Calculator - DAT Bootcamp

    Hey everyone! Quick question for those that used DAT Bootcamp in the past. I was curious as to how accurate the 'AA calculator' is on the site. As in, after taking my practice tests, I then have been plugging my averages for each section into the calculator to see my expected AA score and I'm...
  5. doctor.ee

    Barron's 2nd ed. and Kaplan 8th ed. for sale!

    Hey everyone, I have Barron's DAT prep 2nd edition and Kaplan DAT 8th edition for sale. Both are in very good condition because I did most of the work on separate notebooks. I am just trying to get rid of them so I can be really flexible with the price. I can also send you pictures of their...
  6. Gold Standard Multimedia

    DAT Prep Week Raffle - Win free DAT Practice Tests from Gold Standard!

    Grab your chance to win 2 full-length DAT practice tests - developed by the Gold Standard DAT team with over 25 years of experience in exam preparation. Our full-length practice tests are online-based (no software program to download), and they mimic the format and question style of the real...
  7. J


    Hello all, I have just begun prepping for the dat. I have just finished with week one and have realized I am struggling with gen chem. All i have been doing is dat bootcamp. Idk if its Mike's videos or if ive just forgotten alot of the material. I need more practice and the quiz problems and...
  8. DAT Destroyer

    DAT Dr. Romano's DAT Destroyer Study Group - Raffles and fun!

    I will be leading this group.....feel free to discuss problems and concerns.... DAT DESTROYER STUDY GROUP
  9. Gold Standard Multimedia

    DAT Ask me anything about how to prep for the DAT

    Hello students! Ask us anything! How do you even begin studying for the DAT? Where can you find the best DAT prep? What can you do to prepare for the Reading Comprehension section? What are some test-taking strategies? Taking the DAT is incredibly challenging and a bit daunting, but we are...
  10. Gold Standard Multimedia

    DAT Test Prep Week Raffle: Win free DAT Practice Tests from Gold Standard!

    Grab your chance to win 2 full-length DAT practice tests - developed by the Gold Standard DAT team with over 25 years of experience in exam preparation. Our full-length practice tests are online-based (no software program to download), and they mimic the format and question style of the real...
  11. J


    So I will be taking the DAT during the first week of spring semester. I will be taking 12 or 15 hours. (genetics and biochem along side 2 or 3 upper level major classes) during the fall semester and need advice in how to go about studying during the semester? I would like to start studying for...
  12. S

    DAT Breakdown

    Hi! I just took my DAT two days ago and I couldn't be happier to be done! :soexcited: I wanted to post a breakdown because I read A BUNCH of breakdowns leading up to my DAT and I thought they were extremely helpful. Thank you so much SDNers -- any questions I had, I could find the answers on...
  13. L

    DAT July 2017

    Hey guys!! I just took my DAT today, and I thought I would give my feedback on how I studied and how it went. The scores I ended up making were: Bio/GC/OC/TS/PAT/RC/QR/AA 23/20/23/22/20/23/20/22 I am an upcoming senior Biology major, and have 3.5 GPA. I have never really been a world-class...
  14. insaiyanpredent

    Buying DAT Destroyer

    Anyone selling their DAT Destroyer and/or any other materials such as the bootcamp? If so Please feel free to leave contact info and let me know the condition of the materials beforehand. Pictures would be helpful. Thank you.
  15. loci149xx

    DAT Bootcamp - Premium or not?

    Hello! I am preparing to take my DAT this upcoming August. After reading previous threats I have decided that I will use Chad's Videos, Destroyer, and Bootcamp. My question is, Is it worth it to go for the premium Bootcamp subscription ($247)? Is there a cheaper option? Thank you!
  16. Dustyrose96

    Is Orgoman Dat prep books worth the purchase?

    I'm currently looking for some books to help me prep for the DAT and I came across Dr. Romano's DAT destroyer and the Organic Chemistry Odyssey. I already have the DAT Math Destroyer and this book only has practice exams. Are the other Orgoman books the same or can anyone who has used these...
  17. Gold Standard Multimedia

    DAT Test Prep Giveaway: DAT 4-book set with over 3000 practice questions (worth $150)

    Win the DAT 4-book set developed by the Gold Standard DAT team of authors and editors with academic degrees in dentistry, medicine and the arts as well as Ivy League dental students with exceptional DAT scores (AA: 27). Our DAT books cover the most essential subjects and topics tackled in the...
  18. amalgam2020

    The BEST 3 resources I used for DAT prep

    I only used 3 resources for the DAT: *Chad's videos (coursesaver.com) *DAT Bootcamp *AP Bio book by Cliff's Notes. I did well enough to get into school my first year (22 AA and 20 TS). My GPA was 3.8. I took the DAT in July 2015 right before my senior year of undergrad. Anyways, I just wanted...
  19. D

    DAT Schedule

    I'm getting ready to take my DAT and I have some questions on my scheduling. So I'm going to follow Ari's 10 week schedule, planning on using DAT Destroyer, Math Destoryer about 3 weeks/ A month in. I'll be using Feralis’ Notes when going over each section of Clifs AP. Using DAT Bootcamp to help...
  20. T00thFa1ry

    Non-traditional pre-dental course path, 3.22 gpa

    Hi! I'm on the verge of finishing all of my remaining prerequisites to apply to dental school. The only classes left are organic chemistry 2 and biochemistry. My grades from physics and organic chemistry 1 aren't in yet, but I've been between a low A and a high B in both classes. Right now, my...
  21. H

    How I cracked the DAT without spending a single penny on test prep

    Hi guys, I just took the DAT today, and boy am I glad its over! I wanted to share with you how I did on it without spending a SINGLE PENNY on test prep (I am a poor graduate student, so its not like I had the money anyway :) ) Here is what I used for studying/practice: 1. Biology- Notes from...
  22. DMikes

    The Most Important DAT Prep Resource

    Paying attention in your undergrad/grad courses. Just a friendly reminder that while preparing for the DAT you shouldn't slack off in your coursework. Your GPA will suffer and your DAT prep will suffer.
  23. Gold Standard Multimedia

    DAT Test Prep Week Raffle: Win free DAT Practice Tests from Gold Standard!

    Grab your chance to win 2 full-length DAT practice tests - developed by the Gold Standard DAT team with over 25 years of experience in exam preparation. Our full-length practice tests are online-based (no software program to download), and they mimic the format and question style of the real...
  24. T

    2016 Kaplan DAT lesson, review book , flash cards, quick sheets entire Brand new package

    Hi, hope all is well. I am selling a brand new package of 2016 Kaplan DAT Online prep course materials (BRAND NEW (in their original wrapped packages) books and Flashcards!!-I paid $1499 for the entire course. Excellent and comprehensive resources! 1. Kaplan DAT Review Notes: comprehensive...
  25. B

    DAT Breakdown

    I took the DAT a few weeks ago - July 29th, 2016 - and I figured I'd post my thoughts. Here is a breakdown of my scores: Biology: 20 Gen. Chem: 21 Org. Chem: 26 PAT: 19 RC: 20 QR: 22 TS: 21 AA: 22 What I did to prepare: I began studying for the DAT about 6 weeks before test day, and mostly...
  26. dlishiz22

    Best DAT prep materials?? RE-TAKE

    Hi everyone! So I took my first DAT today and here was my breakdown: AA: 19 Bio: 17 (wtf) GC: 19 OC: 20 TS: 18 PAT: 19 RC: 23 QR: 17 I've decided to retake b/c obviously the BIO and I want to get into UIC Dental. Im studying Biochem at UIC currently but omfg dental is super competitive...
  27. Wouldacouldashoulda

    Selling DAT Material

    Hi everyone! I finished my DAT and I'm looking to sell my books. I have the latest DAT Destroyer and Math Destroyer and I'm thinking of selling both around $170 and I'll cover shipping. They're like brand new with no writings or tears on the pages. PM for more info/if you're interested! Also...
  28. P

    American vs Canadian DAT?

    Hey just wondering but if I take a DAT prep course for the Canadian DAT (planning on doing both american and canadian) would that be good enough for the American? Basically, do they cover the same stuff (aside from the carving obviously)?
  29. K

    what are my chances/ retake??

    hey so i just recently took my DAT and im actually freaking out. i know i haven't as good of score as so many people i se on sdn and i feel so insecure. i have major test anxiety and nearly broke down crying when my test began even after taking a ton of practice test etc. i was hoping people...
  30. T

    Looking to buy DAT prep materials

    Hi I'm taking the DAT in a couple months and I'm looking to buy good DAT study materials! Thank you in advance! Also, any suggestions/advice on studying for the DAT will be greatly appreciated!! =)
  31. D

    DAT Breakdown! (AA 23, PAT 23) :)

    DAT Breakdown RC 24 BIO 23 GC 22 TS 22 AA 23 PAT 23 I studied a total of 4 months (2 months in the summer ~6-8 hours per day, 2 months in the Fall and balanced with school ~1-4 hours/day depending on my uni workload). For RC, I used Search & Destroy, with a little bit of passage mapping...
  32. Denraham

    Best DAT 2016 Study Materials/Tools & Study Plans Any advice would be great.

    Hello all! I have about 2-3 months to study for the DATs + no other commitments. I've been researching the past few days and finding it taking longer than I thought to narrow down the list of tools I need. It is a huge investment for me so I would like to make sure I have the best tools that...
  33. H

    Taking the DAT before o chem

    Hello everyone! Due to some timing issues, I will not have taken Organic Chemistry II before taking the DAT. Has anyone else been in the same position and still scored well? I'm trying to adjust my study schedule to make up for this and any tips would be much appreciated! I'm using CourseSaver...
  34. D

    DAT Breakdown

    One step closer to being a dentist!! 23 TS (24 Bio, 22 GC, 23 OC) / 23 AA / 22 PAT I started my preparation with Kaplan and found their materials to be a solid foundation to build upon. If you are rusty on Gen Chem, Bio or Pre-Algebra.. this is a great resource. However, I felt that their...
  35. X

    Selling DAT QVault, Bootcamp, and Genius subscriptions

    Hi all, I have the following subscriptions for: DAT QVault BIOL - Expires Feb 02/2016 for $45 DAT Bootcamp full length practice tests - Expires Dec 17/2015 for $30 DAT Genius full length practice tests - Expires Dec 21/2015 for $30 Please contact me if interested.
  36. capenn16

    Kaplan MCAT subject books for DAT? (And other materials)

    I'm starting to gather materials so I can study for the DAT in the spring. A friend gave me some of her Kaplan MCAT subject review books, and I was wondering if they would be helpful/if anyone has done this before? I am planning on using them for general chemistry and organic chemistry review...