1. Fancy312

    DAT Genius Biology Test 1 opinions?

    Hi All, I just took dat genius's bio exam one, got an 18, even though i personally thought it was pretty tough even though ive been reviewing :/ (I guessed on a lot that I was confused on) Can anyone give me some inputs on what they think of their material and how an 18 looks like for this...
  2. P

    DAT QVault, Bootcamp, Genius Subscriptions Selling Cheap!

    Finished studying for my DAT! Selling my online subscriptions for cheap. Message me! DAT Genius: Expiring October 25, 2016. Asking $65 DAT Bootcamp: Expiring August 31st, 2016. Asking $40 DAT QVault Biology expiring October 16th, 2016. Asking $30 If you want to bundle up and purchase all...
  3. D

    Anyone selling DAT Genius Account or DATQvault bio.

    ran out of practice exams so looking to try a couple random ones. if anyones selling it not trying to pay 100. exams in a week any last minute advice?? Thanks :) also maybe if anyone is selling DATQvault for bio tho only
  4. Graffix

    DAT BREAKDOWN!! 24AA 25TS 27PAT 9/14/17

    DISCLAIMER: This is what worked for me! You might not agree with me, but this is my opinion. Take what works for you and disregard anything that doesn't. Throughout my studying I read like 100 breakdowns... to find something that worked for me. Now onto the breakdown: Done with the DAT for...