1. ucfknight7

    Dean visit before interview

    Ironically, the dean of a school that I'm interviewing for next week is coming to my university to speak with the pre dental students and is doing a couple 1 on 1 interviews with a couple students. I was going to use this to put a face to my name since he is likely to interview me again at his...
  2. G

    Institutional Action Question - Admonition

    So I was given an admonition for a class by a professor. For the AMCAS, would I have to report it as an Insitutional Action even though no one from the administration of the University acted? Here is exactly how my University phrases an Admonition: An admonition might be appropriate when the...
  3. K

    Institutional Action

    Hey I'm new to SDN but need some help on a recent issue. So I'm a freshman at the moment and about a month ago I received an Institutional Action. It was an extremely small, stupid mistake. For my stats class, we are technically allowed to work together on homework assignments, so two of my...
  4. P

    To whom should I send a letter of intent?

    My inkling is to send it to the dean and cc the admissions officer. But is it appropriate to email the dean directly?