1. heartstring1

    MD & DO Med Student Deaths

    I am wondering how many of you have experienced a classmate of yours dying (either in your graduating class or a different one)? Did your school communicate with you how that classmate died (suicide, accident, illness, etc.) How many of you have experienced a classmate committing suicide?
  2. M

    My boyfriend died and I missed all my finals, my school refused to expunge grades

    My boyfriend died in a car accident a week before my finals. I emailed my teachers and let them know what happened and they said they would give me a WU and I can try to get it expunged through the university. A WU means "university withdrawl" but is equivalent to an F. My university denied my...
  3. A

    Two Doctors Meet - Annals of Int. Med

    A teachable moment.... Two Doctors Meet The doctor walked out of one of his clinic rooms and told his nurse he thought he was having a stroke. By the time I saw him, he was nonverbal, globally aphasic, unable to move his right side, his brain filling with rapidly expanding hemorrhage. He...
  4. D

    Lidocain 1% 100mg

    Hello people. I was having an argument with a friend of mine and he sayed this dosage of lidocain injected at once will lead to instant death.I believe an burning discomfort would be the case but we both dont really know.Who wins the bet?
  5. mrdeez

    Mom died, application is in shambles.

    My mom died unexpectedly during finals week of last semester (fall 2016). The original plan was to study for the DAT all of Christmas break and take the test the second week of spring semester. Obviously, dealing with this, not to mention the crazy nature of her death (murder conspiracies...