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  1. P

    Should I apply to psychiatry residency programs this cycle or next cycle?

    Dear Psych SDN, Bit of an odd situation here, and I wanted yall's input. I am a 4th year US MD student. I scored a 212 on Step 1. Based on clerkship scheduling, the earliest I can take Step 2 CK is somewhere between September 28-October 21. I realize that this test date would be pretty late...
  2. Yhorm the Giant

    Should I delay applying a year (sigh)

    In my last 7 semester, 105 credits, I have a 3.92 cGPA. That brings my total cGPA up to a whopping 3.09....from my previous 100 terrible credits. amcas sGPA is a 3.42 and aacomas sGPA is 3.72. I'm graduated and out of money, so if I take a year off my GPA won't be changing. (Insert excuse about...
  3. K

    What happens if AMCAS reclassifies classes during verification?

    I have courses that are in the psychology department, but are purely neuroscience in content so I am classifying as BIO. What happens in the event that AMCAS reclassifies? Will they return my application and require me to resubmit? Or will they change it themselves, thereby completing the...
  4. B

    3.6 uGPA 3.54 sGPA 503 MCAT

    I am a rising senior with a 3.6 uGPA, 3.54 sGPA I also suffered poor grades my sophomore year first semester, but since then, it has been an upward trend. 503 MCAT: C/P 126, CARS 126, Bio 124, P/S 127 EC: vice president of health org, active member of a 5013c, president of religious group...