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    For Sale NBDE Part 1 Material

    Hello, Finally got time to sell my dental material. I have the following items for sale: NBDE Part 1: Kaplan - dent Essentials - 2nd edition First Aid Q & A for NBDE Part 1 Printed Dental Decks 2006-2007 Printed NBDE Part 1 Review Book Printed Unreleased Exams Part 1 ASDA Released Exams Part...
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    Need help do I change my date? DAT STRESS ADVICE NEEDED

    I'm so stressed I'm not doing good at all I've gone thru destroyer Chem and gen chem one and a half times probably by Thursday I'll be done with 2 times. My destroyer BOOTCAMP individual subject tests have improved SIGNIFICANTLY like I was starting at a 15 I finally got an 18 on gem chem and 20...
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    -PLEASE ONLY VOTE IF YOU HAVE TAKEN THE NDBE 1 and PASSED! -This poll only includes study materials for NDBE 1 NOT practice questions. -Please comment below if you have found better materials and would like them to be added.