dental decks for sale

  1. L

    Wanted: Part I Dental Decks

    Looking to buy Part 1 Dental Decks for NBDE exam. Preferably the most recent version but will go down to 2014. Currently living in NY.
  2. D

    NBDE part2 study material for sale

    NBDE part :2. Study material for sale 1) Dentaldecks 2016/17 2)Oral pathology pic booklet with case studies book let( two booklets) 3)tufts pharmacology ( copy) 4) ASDA test packets jklm 5) Kaplan lecture notes with 10 cases
  3. D

    Dental Decks Part 1

    Hi! Im looking for the dental decks part 1 nbde! used or new anything will do! TIA
  4. D

    wanted! NBDE part 1 & 2 study materials

    i am looking to buy the nbde study materials. any leads would be highly appreciated! tia
  5. OrthoPerm

    Selling materials for NBDE II

    Hello, I am selling Dental Decks II 2013-2014 Dental Decks II 2016-2017 Flashcards + Online Mosby's NBDE II second edition First Aid Q and A part II First Aid PART II Please message me if you're interested in buying them to study with. [email protected]
  6. T

    Dental Decks Part 2 For Sale - never opened

    Dental Decks Part 2 (2013-2014 Edition) for sale. It in perfect condition because it is still in the packaging that came in. Asking for $265. Please email me at [email protected] if interested.
  7. A

    For Sale Dental Decks 2015 Part 1- PERFECT CONDITION

    Part One NBDE Dental Decks, Hard copy for sale .. They are in OPTIMUM CONDITION ... Will ship anywhere in the US .. Original Price was $255 Asking price $150 .. Non-Negotiable, shipping fees excluded. Please do not ask me to PM you ..
  8. K

    For Sale NBDE Part 1 - Dental Decks and more

    Dental Decks NBDE part 1 (2006) - $80 Passed both Part 1 and Part 2 in 2011, and finally got the chance to clean out. I have a lot of materials from school (and previous successful test takers), which I can include or sell separately. DC area. Will ship anywhere, but additional for actual...